Long Live the High Street: How AI Is Transforming Brick-&-Mortar Retail | RetailTechPodcast

Long Live the High Street: How AI Is Transforming Brick-&-Mortar Retail

Not only are you arming customers with access to a wealth of knowledge, you're augmenting your staff with a reliable, always-on digital colleague who can provide whatever information is required in real time and make sure the customer's journey from initial fact finding, to making the purchase, is as seamless as possible. A lack of staff on the shop floor has a real impact to the customer experience and how many transactions make it to completion. One of the easiest ways for any service provider to improve the customer experience is to remember the customer. Unless the experience was particularly interesting and memorable, or the customer frequents the store, it's likely no one will remember the details of that particular transaction - but an AI never forgets. If a customer asks a digital AI assistant a specific question, inquiries about a specific product, or provides feedback about preferences - it all gets logged in the AI's memory and remains there until the customer returns; and the AI can pick up where it left off and use this information to continue the relationship. It's touches like this that provide customers with the continuity and frictionless customer journey they crave. This is vital in the battle against big online retailers such as Amazon and ASOS. By providing powerful and knowledge-based customer experiences, AI can help bring shoppers back to a store again and again. Read more