Why Fashion Stores Shouldn't Join <b>Amazon's</b> Data Behemoth | RetailTechPodcast

Why Fashion Stores Shouldn't Join Amazon's Data Behemoth

Largest acquisitions in fashion & fashion e-commerce in 2017-2018. While many major brands have already surrendered to Amazon's allure of supreme online traffic, brands and fashion stores should resist joining forces with the data monster that is ultimately set out to consume them. For the same reason, having their products sold on Amazon will help fashion companies reach a few extra percentages of sales within the next quarter. The fashion shopper is much more of a browser than a searcher - a trouble for Amazon which is almost entirely built on customers searching and finding. In the end, even the more delicate details of online fashion shopping can be broken down into delicate data if Amazon gets enough samples from fashion companies joining their ranks. This will only help the Amazon data monster grow stronger and by time, absorb all the smaller fashion companies, one data set a time. Conversely, when fashion companies join Amazon, they lose access to their customer data and will only gain access through substantial payments. Read more